Thursday, November 11, 2010

More information

I started at Blue Fish on Monday November 8th and things are going well so far.

Here are some answers to a few FAQ's:

1.  Does Blue Fish take my insurance?
More than likely, the answer is yes.
If you want to make sure either call Blue Fish at 713-467-1741 or check directly with your insurance provider by Internet or telephone.  Since we are in the process of changing my location with all insurances, use the name of one of the other doctors at the Blue Fish Memorial location ( to verify coverage because I will have the same insurance plan profile.

2. Which patients am I accepting?
See my profile at  
Feel free to call or email the office for further clarification. 
Basically the current plan is to limit my panel to existing patients who wish to "follow me" to Blue Fish, existing patients of Dr. Eddings who do not wish to transfer to Blue Fish Cypress, any siblings of either of these first two groups, and infants 2 months and younger with commercial insurance.

3. What is the parking like?
There is free parking in Garage 3 on the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital campus.  The entrance to Garage 3 is easiest to find off Kingsride.  The entrance is on Kingsride between Gessner and Frostwood, next to the Chase bank branch.  There is usually ample parking the higher up you go in the garage.  There is a pedestrian bridge from the 2nd floor of the garage directly into 915 Gessner (our building).  There is paring on the ground floor of Garage 3, but it is intended for ER parking and costs $20 unless you are seen in the ER that day.

4. Will I be notified directly?
Official notice has already appeared in the Houston Chonicle, will appear in the Katy Times, and is posted at TCPA-Katy.  Patients who have seen me at TCPA-Katy in the last few years will also receive a letter in the mail.

5. What do I do if I decide I want to transfer to Blue Fish?
The easiest way to do this is to check out the Blue Fish website (
In order for any doctor's office to obtain a patient's medical records from any other doctor's office, the patient him/herself or his/her parent or guardian must give written authorization.  Click on this link to get the Blue Fish Transfer of Medical Records Authorization form (
Don't forget to fill out the child's name and date of birth clearly at the top of the form, complete the "From" section identifying the name of the office that you wish to have the records "released" from, fill in the date range that you want released and sign and date the bottom of the form.  The form can then be faxed, mailed or hand delivered to the office that you wish to have the records sent from.