Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011-12 Flu Information

This is a quick post to re-iterate that all families should strongly consider having their child(ren) get the influenza virus (flu) vaccine each flu season (aka academic school year). 

Of course, there are many details that determine which vaccine to get and how many doses are necessary.  Although young infants are particularly vulnerable to flu-related complications, infants under 6mo cannot get the vaccine.   Therefore, we specifically recommend that all caregivers of infants less than 6mo get the flu vaccine themselves (we offer the vaccine for such caregivers).

Useful Internet links:

- The AAP's parent-oriented website has a great summary of the flu illness and the flu vaccine specific to the 2011-12 season: .
- The Blue Fish website has details on our upcoming Family Flu Vaccine Saturdays: .
- The CDC has a comprehensive and frequently updated flu website with details on the virus, its usual symptoms, current national flu virus activity, and the vaccine itself: .
- The Texas Department of State Health Services has a website similar to the CDC's, although it does not appear to updated for the 2011-12 season yet: .

Please contact the office if you have questions.